I went to two reputed auto garages in Columbus, paid over $1,000 but they could not fix the problem. Luke's Auto was able to identify the problem and complete the repairs at a reasonable price - the car is as good as new. They were courteous and helpful and I was satisfied with the answers to my questions They loaned a car free of charge, which helped to get to work. Some of my Family and friends get their car repairs done at Luke's and are very satisfied. Columbus, OH

Direct 5 5/31/2018

We love Luke’s! We’ve been bringing our vehicles here for years. They are trustworthy, fast, friendly, and very knowledgeable. They explain everything they are going to do and why it needs to be done. Highly recommended!

Direct 5 4/3/2018

Wonderful service. Explained everything in great detail and was very patient when I didn't understand something. Being able to have a replacement/ loaner car while they repaired mine was amazing!

Direct 5 1/19/2018

Always does great work.

From Email 5 12/1/2017

Great, friendly service. Honest evaluation and pricing...no surprise costs at the end that can happen at other places. I literally have no complaints. They did great work, let me know how everything would go, didn't attempt any pressure tactics, and got the job done on time at a fair price. And the free loaner was a huge plus for me. I will definitely be back.

Direct 5 11/24/2017

Great service, great place. I'll be back!

From Email 3.5 11/6/2017

I go nowhere else but Luke's! My favorite things about Luke's are their honesty and their warranties. They are completely transparent with what they're fixing and why, what's essential and what isn't, how they can consolidate costs ("we're going to have to take apart X for Y thing anyway so if you decide to go with getting X fixed, too, we can reduce the cost of labor"), and they are just exceptional with communication - how the car is coming along, the results of the diagnostic tests, etc. I can count on a phone call as soon as they find something that requires a decision from me. Plus, with the whole online report thing they have going on now, they will actually take pictures of the problem areas so you can actually *see* they aren't BS-ing you (and everything is neatly organized into categories of "Good," "Needs Future Attention," and "Needs Immediate Attention" with descriptions of each issue). Additionally, the warranties on their repairs are amazing. I've probably saved as much as I've spent over the years with Luke's through their great warranties. One of the big things is that I never have to ask if anything's under warranty or make sure I'm getting the appropriate repairs free because they tell me up front ("if the leak is coming from the crankshaft seal, that'll be under warranty, so that would bring your estimate down to $X"). In short, I've never been so at ease dealing with the folks at Luke's Auto. And, at this point, I think just about every mechanic there has had some experience with ol' Velma (my '94 Accord Wagon), so it's not like just one person is exceptional - *everyone* is truly fantastic at Luke's Auto! Many thanks from a customer-for-life, -Chaz (and Velma)

Direct 5 11/1/2017

Luke’s has always been reliable. My mother and I have both had our cars serviced at Luke’s over the past year and a half. We have never had an issue. This past time, I got a quote from a different repair shop to replace one set of parts when my car broke down and wouldn’t run. The repair cost was more than my car was worth. Before taking it to a junkyard we had it taken to Luke’s just to double check and get a second opinion. They replaced more than the one part and got the car running in great condition and overall the cost was still about $600 less than the other shop. Interacting with the other shop made me feel hopeless and kind of like an idiot for letting my car break down. Luke’s never had me feel like that, they helped me understand what happened and talked me through the parts that needed replaced. Overall it was just amazing and I will always return to Luke’s for any repairs and service on my car.

Direct 5 10/10/2017

The service person was very friendly and helpful. He helped me sign up for the free loaner. He listened to what I had to say regarding what might be wrong with the car. I was told that I would be called and told what the technician found or didn't find wrong with the car. I was given the loaner and went home to await news on the car. When the call came, I was given options of what I could go to fix the car. The rates quoted were reasonable for the work that would be needed done. The work was done quickly and I had my car back by 5:00 pm. The work was done well. I had no complaints. I would use this garage again to service my cat.

Direct 5 4/15/2017

Very friendly and great service. I will be coming here from now on!

Direct 5 3/23/2017
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