• Breaking vs. Braking

    Friday 06 November 2015

    That little “e” makes a big difference! If only one thing on the whole car can work properly, you want it to be the brakes. It doesn’t matter how well the car runs, how fast it is, how good it looks, or how cold the A/C is; if the vehicle can’t stop, you shouldn’t be on the road! So the question is, how do you know you can trust that when you press that brake pedal, your car will actually come to a stop? First of all, brakes are a wear item, meaning over time, most... read more

  • Is There Such a Thing as “Winterizing” a Car?

    Thursday 15 October 2015

    Is it a term created by mechanics to help bring in business during a slow time of the year? At least that was my thought as a little kid when my parents got the car back from the mechanic. I was disappointed when it looked the same as when it went in! Being a young boy I expected (and hoped) the mini-van would come out looking beefed-up with chains on the tires, off-road lights on top, and a plow on the front. In reality, although nothing looked different, needed services were perform... read more

  • Learning Fuel Economy from the Experts

    Wednesday 14 October 2015

    What’s a myth? What’s been tested? Truth: Your driving habits are going to be the most significant factor getting those higher MPGs.Accelerating slower, braking slower, driving the speed limit, and using cruise control. If you normally drive like a maniac, and you start driving conservatively, you could save around 35%. Most of us don’t need to change that dramatically, but we will instantly start to see savings by slowing everything down a little while on the road (not... read more

  • Should You Worry About the Check Engine Light?

    Friday 27 December 2013

    Everyone wonders what to expect when their check engine light comes on. Many people know it can be an issue costing a hundred dollars or upwards of a thousand. According to the most common causes are faulty oxygen sensors. This and other problems can be costly to ignore; one or lots of little problems can snowball into large costly repairs. Not replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can cause spark plugs to foul out and not replacing fouled out spark plugs can cause ignition... read more

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