5 Things to Keep in Mind When Road Tripping with Pets

With the holidays finally here, you may consider bringing the entire family on the road, including your fur babies. Whether you’re riding across town or the country, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure your pets are secured and safe. Luke’s Auto Service is happy to offer these tips to ensure your travels are hassle-free and fun!

  • Always keep them in the backseat - The front seat is no place for a pet to be. In case of an accident, the airbags can be too rough on your cat or dog. Instead, make sure they are secured in the back.
  • Secure them in one place - We know how much you love cuddling with your pets, but it is essential for them to be contained throughout the journey. For longer car rides especially, we recommend crating them or using a harness to keep them from going crazy. Your pet may be resistant to it at first, but it should settle down shortly after.
  • Keep your windows up - We’ve seen it in movies and occasionally on the road, but you should keep your pet away from open windows. You can risk them jumping out of the car if they aren’t correctly secured. Additionally, they could get hit by debris. If your companion needs fresh air, don’t hesitate to stop at a rest area.
  • Pack for your pet - There’s nothing worse than forgetting to pack things for a trip. When bringing your dog or cat along, don’t forget their essentials like food and water. Otherwise, you may need to go out of your way to get some.
  • Make sure vaccinations are up-to-date - Health comes first for your furry friend. Make sure they are in good shape to be on the road. More importantly, carry a record of their medical record just in case.

Other than some of these tips, traveling with pets can be fun and rewarding. Your pet probably doesn’t spend that much time outside your home, so they will surely enjoy the adventure. If you plan to hit the roads this holiday season, please do not hesitate to visit Luke’s Auto Service for a pre-trip inspection. We can take care of all your seasonal maintenance so that your car can run in tip-top shape.