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Should You Worry About the Check Engine Light?

Should You Worry About the Check Engine Light?

Everyone wonders what to expect when their check engine light comes on. Many people know it can be an issue costing a hundred dollars or upwards of a thousand.According to the most common causes are faulty oxygen sensors. This and other problems can be costly to ignore; one or lots of little problems can snowball into large costly repairs. Not replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can cause spark plugs to foul out and not replacing fouled out spark plugs can cause ignition coils to fail. The five most seen check engine light trouble codes will reduce gas mileage. After we have considered the oxygen sensor, the top reasons for you check engine light to illuminate are: Defective ignition coil(s) Defective spark plug wires-These can fail simply over time or due to fouled out spark plugs. Loose gas cap-This is the most common reason for a gas evaporation code or other codes related to cause a check engine light to illuminate. This can result in a significant l ... read more