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How slow can you drive below the speed limit?

You’re taking your time during your road trip and glance at the speed limit. The 60-mph sign paces its way past your passenger window as you glance at your dash and realize you’re doing 50mph. While most drivers are wondering how fast they can speed before being thrown a ticket, a select few wonders how slow they can go. This is certainly a twist to the question, but a practical concern.  One thing to note is that the posted speed limit is the maximum speed limit allowed. In its technical definition, drivers should be driving at a speed below what’s posted. The law states that a driver should not drive a speed that impedes normal or reasonable traffic flow. This is outside of any speeds that are reduced for safe operation or in compliance with the law. With the law in mind, it takes us back to the question of what’s defined as “normal or reasonable”?  What is “normal” and “reasonable” depends on the type of road yo ... read more

Don't Get Stuck with a Dead Car Battery this Summer

Don't Get Stuck with a Dead Car Battery this Summer

Getting into your car on your way to a destination to find that your car won’t start can be frustrating. If you get into your car, crank up the ignition, and find that your car clicks but doesn’t start up - your vehicle may have a dead battery. A dead battery is never fun and usually happens at the worst of times. However, the experts here at Luke's Auto Service are here to help when you find yourself dealing with a dead car battery this summer.  Did you know that during the summer, car batteries are actually more susceptible to dying unexpectedly due to the high temperatures? The heat can actually cause your car battery fluids to evaporate and breakdown, causing battery issues on already older batteries. Due to this, there are certain things that you can do during the summer to try and avoid having to deal with a dead battery: Try to park your vehicle in the shade and out of direct sunlight, such as in parking lot structures or in the shade.  &nb ... read more

Do My Vehicle's Tires Need to be Maintained?

Your vehicle’s tires are an extremely important safety feature of your vehicle. They are the only component between your car and the road, and help ensure that you are able to accelerate, stop, and turn successfully and safely. Poor tires can cause a number of different issues, ranging from lack of control to tire blowouts. Good tire maintenance will not only protect you on the road, but will also save you money on new tires throughout the years.  A commonly overlooked tire service is proper tire pressure. When your tires are low in pressure, excessive tire wear can occur and blow outs can happen. It isn’t safe to drive with low tire pressure and it is a very easy fix. You can usually do this yourself at your local gas station that provides free air.  If your tires aren’t aligned or balanced properly, excessive wear could be occurring that is severely affecting the overall lifespan of your tires. An alignment and balance is usually required every 6,000 mil ... read more

Auto Repair is an Essential Business During COVID-19...We Are Open!

Auto Repair is an Essential Business During COVID-19...We Are Open!

Here at Luke's Auto Service, we want you to know that we are open and ready to serve you. Auto repair is an essential business because transportation during this time of crisis is necessary. There are many people in our area who are amazing healthcare workers, law enforcement members, and other essential industry workers who are relying on their vehicles right now to get them to work. There are also families who are relying on their vehicles to get them to the store to get food and supplies while staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Our vehicles are so critical right now, which is why auto repair shops need to stay open and ready to help when you might need it most. Whether you have a service that you've been putting off for a while and finally have time to take care of it, or your vehicle has stopped working and you need it to get to the store, give us a call here at Luke's Auto. Not only are we equipped and ready to help, but we have also made the necess ... read more

Why Do I Hear a Grinding Noise When I Brake?

If you've been driving your vehicle for a while, you've probably become familiar with how your brakes feel. This is why when you feel that something is off with your vehicle's braking system, it is apparent and probably concerning. If you hear a grinding noise when you apply the brakes, this is an indication of an issue with the brake system. It is never a good idea to ignore a brake issue, especially because of how important this system is to the overall safety of your vehicle. Let's look at some of the reasons why you may be experiencing a grinding noise when braking.  Your brake pads are worn down, which is causing metal to metal contact between the brake pad component and the rotors.  There is some type of debris lodged in your braking system causing damage to the rotor or calipers.  Your vehicle has low quality brake pads installed. Your brake pad wear indicator is hitting your brake rotors, indicating that it is time for new brake pads.&nbs ... read more