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Back-To-School Safety Checklist

Oil Change Plus Free Multi-Point Safety Inspection

At Luke’s Auto, ensuring your family's safety on the road is a top priority. Make certain your vehicle is in tip-top shape before your kids head back to school with this Back-to-School Safety Inspection Checklist:


Brake System Safety Check: Beyond brake pads and rotors, your entire brake system should be checked to ensure your vehicle can stop reliably in all situations. 


Tire Inspection and Rotation: Keep tires in optimal condition by inspecting tread depth and rotating tires to ensure even wear


Fluid Levels and Condition: Check oil, coolant, and other vital fluids to prevent breakdowns and maintain engine health.


Battery Health Assessment: Avoid inconvenient “my car won’t start” surprises by making sure your battery is strong to get you where you and your family need to go, on time.


Headlights and Taillights Inspection: It’s critical to ensure all lights are working properly to signal your intentions to other drivers.


Wiper Blade Replacement: Be ready for Ohio’s fall and winter weather with functional wipers that enhance visibility during rain or snow.


Suspension and Steering Inspection: Get one step close to a smooth ride and precise control during unexpected detours with tip-top suspension and steering.


Safety Restraint System Review: Ensure that all seatbelts and child safety seats are correctly installed and in proper working condition by scheduling a car seat safety check at a Columbus Public Health fitting station.


Emergency Kit Review: Stock up on essentials like first aid supplies, flashlight, and other tools, so you're always prepared for the unexpected.


Air Conditioning Check: Keep your family comfortable and ready for learning by maintaining a healthy A/C unit in your vehicle.



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At Luke’s Auto, we do everything in our control to provide honest, quality auto repair that provides the least amount of disruption to your daily life. Take advantage of our $49.95 Oil Change Special and receive a free Multi-Point Safety Inspection by scheduling an appointment with our team today!