Carburetors vs. Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel and air are indispensable when it comes to gas and diesel-powered engines. Both variables are equally important and should be balanced to successfully carry out the combustion process. Read on to learn more about the classic carburetor and modern fuel injection systems. 


To ensure your engine gets a good flow of clean air, the engine air filter blocks all the dust and debris. This is why it is imperative for drivers to have their air filters inspected during maintenance service. Otherwise, leaving a dirty filter go unnoticed can negatively impact the overall performance of your engine. Second of all, you need a mechanism that controls the air intake and allows the precise amount of air (and fuel) into the engine at the perfect time. Every car has a carburetor or a fuel injection system to achieve this goal. 


Carburetors are a part of the classic engine design, and they are still found in older vehicles on the road today. They are located in the engine compartment, and they manually control the air intake. It has a tube with various valves to release the desired amount of air into the engine. The flaw with carburetors is that they can easily get worn out or damaged with use over time. Fortunately, carburetor repair work is slightly less complex than fuel injection repairs, but the caveat is that there aren’t many skilled mechanics around who still do these repairs. It takes a knowledgeable and experienced technician to restore carburetors accurately.

Fuel Injection

Modern vehicles use a fuel injection system to supply the engine with the right mix of air and fuel instead of a carburetor. The fuel injection system is powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. As most cases go with modern technology, fuel injection system repairs should be done by professionals with the right tools and equipment. At Luke’s Auto Service, we have access to quality parts. 


If you have a carburetor or fuel injection problem, let the expert auto repair specialists at Luke’s Auto Service take care of it. We can also fuel injection service and cleanings as part of your auto maintenance plan.


Whether you have a traditional carburetor or a modern fuel injection system, the team at Luke’s Auto Service is always here to help.