Fall Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Vehicles

After driving our vehicle for several years, we're bound to get pretty attached to it. Cars take a lot of time and resources to maintain. A vehicle is considered high mileage once it begins to push past the 60k mile mark. High mileage vehicles need consistent maintenance to keep it lasting for as long as possible. Fall is the perfect time to give your car a little extra TLC. Below are five fall maintenance tips to keep your high mileage vehicle thriving through the winter. 

Check the Transmission Fluid
Most vehicles will need their transmission fluid changed every 60k to 100k miles depending on their driving habits. Healthy transmission fluid is essential because it serves as a lubricator for the transmission. The transmission has several fast-moving parts; keeping them lubricated allows them to move freely and effectively. 

Check the Spark Plugs
Spark plugs supply the infamous spark that ignites the fuel to help the engine produce energy. If you're on top of vehicle maintenance, spark plugs can see a lifespan of 100k miles. Even if your spark plugs aren't on your radar, have them all inspected to ensure they are working properly. Spark plugs are relatively inexpensive, and it's best to have them replaced before they become an issue. 

Check the Engine Oil
By the time your vehicle reaches the high-mileage club, checking and changing the oil should come as a no brainer. Similar to the transmission fluid, healthy engine oil lubricates the engine. Once a vehicle has over 60k miles, high-mileage oil changes become essential. 

Check the Coolant
Stay aware of the temperature of the coolant listed on your vehicle's dashboard. However, it's also important to check the coolant levels as well. Coolant can be topped off at its appropriate levels, but it's vital to make a point to check the coolant's quality. In high mileage vehicles, the coolant can accumulate contaminants that can decrease its efficiency. Your trusted automotive expert will be able to advise if a coolant flush would be appropriate. 

Check the Cabin Filter
If your car is over 60k miles and you can't remember the last time the cabin air filter has been replaced, it's time to have it inspected. As mentioned, getting an oil change is one of the first fall maintenance tasks to consider. During your oil change, the cabin filter is usually checked. If you skipped a cabin filter replacement, check for any unusual smells coming from the vents or poor airflow. These are clear indicators; it's time for a replacement. 

Fall High Mileage Vehicle Service in Columbus, OH 

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