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How Often Do Windshield Wipers Need to Be Replaced?

Most drivers fail to appreciate windscreen blades and underestimate their importance until they are caught in a rainstorm, snowstorm or dust storm. It has probably been a while since you replaced your windshield. They are a simple car component but very critical in maintaining visibility on the road. One responsibility of the driver is to ensure every car component gets the recommended servicing according to the manufacturer to ensure the car maintains safety and optimum functionality on the road.

What Makes the Wipers Faulty?

Windscreen wipers are always exposed to heat and other harsh environments since they are not protected under the hood. The blades tend to wear out, making them dry out and get stuck each time.

Regular usage of the windshield wipers will make them wear out as well. The hard windscreen glass wears out with time and reduces their ability to work properly each time.

It is mostly suggested to get windshield wipers replaced after every six months, and some manufactures recommend twelve months. However, the sooner you notice their inability to function, get them replaced to avoid getting stuck on the road or being in accidents.

Depending on the quality of the windshield wipers and the environments one drives in daily, the wipers' lifespan varies. They can last for two to three years before becoming faulty. Whenever you take your vehicle for oil changes and other services, have the mechanic check on the blades always. When approaching winter and during winter, regularly inspect the windshield blades each time before heading out.

Signs it's Time for Windshield Wipers Replacement

Whenever you try to activate the wipers and hear squeaking sounds, splitting or streaking, it might be time to get a mechanics intervention. Other signs indicating a ruined windscreen blades include:

  • Water smears on the windscreen when wipers are on
  • Cracks and tears on the rubber
  • A broken frame
  • Corroded metal components

Our auto repair shop is always open. Our ASE certified mechanics will conduct a professional inspection of your blades. We make the required replacements conveniently to avoid any inconveniences to you. We always go the extra mile to ensure road safety for our clients. Visit us today!