Power Steering Flush in Columbus, OH

Your vehicle has several different fluids that need to be drained and replaced regularly. Some of the most common fluids are motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and radiator fluid. One fluid that typically is forgotten about is the powering steering fluid. Power steering fluid uses the principles of hydraulics to allow the steering wheel to turn and completely rotate. Over time it can accumulate rubber and metal particles that can wear the gear and pumps. A power steering flush combats this by flushing the old fluid out and replacing it with new fluid. Below are a few signs that it’s time for a power steering flush. 

Unusual Sounds
If the power steering fluid is low, the steering wheel will start to whine or squeal when you turn it. In some severe cases, this may occur due to a failing power steering pump. If your steering is squealing, bring your vehicle in for an inspection.  

Difficulty Steering
A common sign of trouble within the power steering system is a steering wheel that’s difficult to steer. Stiff steering can be caused by low power steering fluid, a fail drive belt, or a malfunctioning power steering pump.  

Power Steering Fluid Leak
The power steering fluid is dark red and will collect under your vehicle if it leaks. Leaks can occur due to holes or broken seals in a hose or other part of the steering component. Leaks are never a good sign and always indicate a problem. We perform a pressure test to identify any leaks during a power steering flush at Luke’s Auto. A power steering flush is an opportunity to fix leaks and restore performance. 

Power steering flush in Columbus, OH

The moment you start noticing power steering issues, it’s essential to have them addressed as soon as possible. A power steering flush doesn’t just restore functionality; it keeps your car safe. For top power steering services in Columbus, OH, choose Luke’s Auto. Our shop is a full-service automotive repair shop that specializes in all vehicle makes and models. If you suspect your car is due for a power steering flush, click here to schedule an appointment. 

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