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What Causes A Decrease In Fuel Efficiency?

A sudden decrease in fuel efficiency can be alarming, especially if your heart is set on a planned road trip. While a reduction in fuel efficiency can be a result of some minor issues, sometimes it can be an indicator of a more severe problem. If ignored, you can expect to deal with some mechanical issues that develop into costly repairs. While many factors can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, below are some of the most common factors:  Oxygen Sensor Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor measures exactly how rich or lean your exhaust gases are when they leave the combustion chamber. A dirty or failing oxygen sensor can lead to a significant drop-in mile per gallon by up to 20 percent. A faulty oxygen sensor can also lead to your vehicle idling rough and a failed emission test.  Weight If your vehicle carries a lot of weight, it can lead to an increase in fuel consumption. The weight can consist of too many passengers, items, or roof ... read more

Learning Fuel Economy from the Experts

What’s a myth? What’s been tested? Truth: Your driving habits are going to be the most significant factor getting those higher MPGs.Accelerating slower, braking slower, driving the speed limit, and using cruise control. If you normally drive like a maniac, and you start driving conservatively, you could save around 35%. Most of us don’t need to change that dramatically, but we will instantly start to see savings by slowing everything down a little while on the road (not to mention it’s safer too!). Myth: It’s more fuel efficient to roll down the windows than use the A/C.Granted, this does vary some depending on speed (drag is more of a factor at higher speeds), but A/C compressors have become more efficient over time and it doesn’t seem to affect how easy the engine can push the car forward as much as it used to. claims that it’s better to keep the A/C on when at freeway speeds and windows down around town. test ... read more