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Is There Such a Thing as “Winterizing” a Car?

Is There Such a Thing as “Winterizing” a Car?

Is it a term created by mechanics to help bring in business during a slow time of the year? At least that was my thought as a little kid when my parents got the car back from the mechanic. I was disappointed when it looked the same as when it went in! Being a young boy I expected (and hoped) the mini-van would come out looking beefed-up with chains on the tires, off-road lights on top, and a plow on the front. In reality, although nothing looked different, needed services were performed. Winters (at least here up north) can really take a toll on a car. The salt from the roads can do irreversible damage to a car’s frame, the cold puts a lot of strain on the moving parts, and water based fluids can freeze if they haven’t been kept up on. So what all should be inspected before snow starts coming? Tires. You’re going to have a difficult time just getting out of your driveway if there is a shortage of tread left. Even if you can get moving, you wa ... read more