Top Reasons You Should Recycle Your Car Battery

During the lifetime of your vehicle, different parts will have to be repaired or replaced. Brake pads get worn the more you drive. Your engine oil will eventually get dirty and need to be changed. If too much time passes, your car battery may even lose its charge. Batteries will typically need to be replaced every two to five years. However, the extreme summer heat can quickly reduce its lifespan, burning out a battery’s major components. Needing to replace a battery is expected, so it’s helpful to be informed on how to dispose of them safely. Since old batteries are wasteful, it’s a good idea to recycle them. Below are the top reasons you should recycle your car battery. 

 Car Batteries Are Mostly Recyclable Material

Car batteries are primarily plastic. A battery’s outer container, lid, and handle are all constructed from a plastic material. The plastic material can be recycled, melted down, and reused to create new batteries or materials. This is beneficial because it prevents non-biodegradable material from filling up our landfills. It works to protect the environment. Additionally, since batteries are used with recyclable material, it keeps the cost of batteries down. The materials within the battery can be chemically refined to create more batteries for future vehicles. 

Check your local state laws; it may be illegal to dump batteries in the trash. 
Most states have a law mandating drivers to recycle their car batteries. Some vehicle manufactures may also have an approved collection method.  

Batteries Have Dangerous Toxic Acid
Car batteries should be handled with care because if mishandled can create toxic fumes. Batteries also have chemicals that are so hazardous they can burn through iron. Recycling your car battery allows it to be reused for a beneficial purpose rather than just sitting in a landfill as toxic waste. 

Recycling helps reduce the negative environmental impact caused by improperly disposed car batteries. If you’re handling or transporting your battery, always use caution. Keep the battery upright and in a waterproof case. If you notice that your battery is showing signs of corrosion or leaks, reach out to Luke's Automotive team. We are here to help safely remove your car battery and replace it. 

If the summer heat has burnt out your battery, reach out to Luke's Automotive, the trusted automotive experts in Columbus, OH.