Vehicle Tune-Up in Columbus, OH

No matter how new your vehicle is, eventually, it will need a tune-up. While vehicle maintenance tasks may seem like additional time and hassle, it’s a responsible decision to save you from headaches in the future. A tune-up is a preventative maintenance that includes a thorough inspection to see where your vehicle is excelling and where it may need some extra love. As a rule of thumb, most drivers should get a tune-up at least once a year. However, depending on driving conditions, you may need to schedule an additional one to keep performance efficient. 

What is included during a tune-up at Luke’s Auto Service? 

Our ASE Certified experts customize your tune-up based on your vehicle’s specific needs. 

A general tune-up consists of: 

  • A comprehensive bumper-to-bumper inspection. 
  • A fluid-top off or fluid flush in severe cases. 
  • Replacing all filters, if needed. 
  • Inspecting the battery. 
  • Changing the spark plugs. 
  • Checking the tire pressure and tread wear.
  • And more.

A tune-up may not be required, but they are an excellent opportunity to ensure your vehicle operates at peak efficiency. If your commute involves a lot of stop-and-go traffic or you’re transporting a heavy load, you may need to schedule a tune-up more often. 

How can you tell whether your vehicle is overdue for a tune-up? 

  • The engine runs rough while you’re idling or accelerating. 
  • Your car has started to stall. 
  • You’re suddenly starting to get bad gas mileage. 
  • The steering wheel is vibrating. 
  • Your brakes are squeaking. 
  • Increased difficulty starting your car. 

Tune-Ups in Columbus, OH. 

Once you get into the habit of tracking your vehicle maintenance, tune-ups will seem less intimidating. Luke’s Auto Service doesn’t just have a team of friendly automotive experts; we have a comfortable waiting area with refreshments and WI-FI for all of our guests. 

If you’re a new customer and aren’t sure whether it’s time to schedule a tune-up, we’re currently running a special offer for a free 10-minute no-wrench inspection. We’ll give your vehicle a professional eye. Have an issue you’d like to discuss; the no-wrench inspection is the perfect opportunity to ask a few questions.

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