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What Type of Sensors Exist Are In My Car?

With more and more advancements in the automotive industry, the more sensors there will be placed in cars. Sensors are simply attachments that communicate with your vehicle's internal computer. Without them, you simply would have no warning if something is going wrong with your car.


The downside of sensors is that they're not perfect. They can sometimes fail or even give you false information. It's not common for them to malfunction, but when they do, you'll need to fix it pronto. Certain vehicles have more sensors than others, and different manufacturers will make slight adjustments to their sensor tech to their newer models. These are the most common sensors that exist in today's cars:

  • Oxygen (O2) Sensor: The oxygen sensor exists within the exhaust system and is responsible for measuring the oxygen levels present in your exhaust fumes. It tells the vehicle's computer system when there is a dangerous level of emissions.
  • Engine Speed Sensor: This mechanism records the engine's RPMs and ensures your motor is stable. If the RPMs are running too low or high, you will see the needle move on your dash.
  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor: The MAF sensor regulates the air volume and density that enters your motor. It works collectively with the O2 sensor to control the air and gas mixture.
  • Fuel Temperature Sensor: It's easier for your vehicle to burn warm fuel than cold fuel. This sensor records the fuel temperature to ensure your fuel system is running efficiently.
  • Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) Sensor: This sensor measures your wheel rotation speed and prevents your brakes from locking up in certain conditions (hydroplaning). 
  • Tire Pressure Sensor: This is one of the newer tools that alert you when you lose too much air in one or more of your tires.

These are just a few of the innovative sensors you'll find in today's vehicles. To learn more about your sensors, you can refer to your owner's manual. You may need to reset or test your sensors to ensure they are functional from time to time. For all your auto needs, you can trust our auto technician team at Luke's Auto Service. Please feel free to call us at (614) 450-1525 or visit our shop today in Columbus, OH.