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Why Do I Hear a Grinding Noise When I Brake?

If you've been driving your vehicle for a while, you've probably become familiar with how your brakes feel. This is why when you feel that something is off with your vehicle's braking system, it is apparent and probably concerning. If you hear a grinding noise when you apply the brakes, this is an indication of an issue with the brake system. It is never a good idea to ignore a brake issue, especially because of how important this system is to the overall safety of your vehicle. Let's look at some of the reasons why you may be experiencing a grinding noise when braking. 

  • Your brake pads are worn down, which is causing metal to metal contact between the brake pad component and the rotors. 
  • There is some type of debris lodged in your braking system causing damage to the rotor or calipers. 
  • Your vehicle has low quality brake pads installed.
  • Your brake pad wear indicator is hitting your brake rotors, indicating that it is time for new brake pads. 

As soon as you begin hearing a grinding noise while braking, be sure to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Luke's Auto Service for a brake inspection. We never want you to be stuck on the road with faulty brakes and we are sure that you don't want this to happen either. 

Our professionals will perform a complete brake system inspection to determine what is causing you issues when you brake. Once we figure out what is wrong, we provide you with a full estimate of our recommendations and only start work once you approve. Give us a call today or make an appointment online for service!