Why Is My Car Vibrating When I Brake?

You may experience some shaking when bringing your car to a stop. The vibration may be coming from the car's brake pedal or steering wheel. This is called a brake shudder and occurs when there are issues with the disc braking system. Such a problem soon escalates and becomes dangerous.

The source of the vibration is the best pointer to whether the front or the rear brakes are causing the issue. If you feel the shaking on the steering wheel, the issue may be on the front braking discs. Rear wheels cause vibrations on the pedal. Here are some of the causes of the problem.

Brake Pads in Poor Condition

If the brake pads are damaged, warped, or worn, they may cause some vibration that is accompanied by a squeaking sound, which indicates that you should replace them. Sometimes the brake pads are soiled with dirt particles that make it hard for them to grasp the rotors, and this causes vibrations in the process.

Brake Rotors are Uneven

The brake pads may be warped when they generate heat from friction as you bring your car to a stop. Unfortunately, the exterior may wear down unevenly and not provide a smooth braking experience. The uneven areas may be the cause of the vibration, especially when braking at high speeds.

Problems with Alignment and Suspension

If your car's suspension system is out of alignment, it may cause a shudder when you apply brakes. This may also cause uneven wear and tear to the tire and damage some suspension system parts. You should have a wheel alignment done regularly.

Suspension components such as tie rods, wheel bearings, and ball joints wear down over time. When they do, they change the braking experience, especially when you brake the vehicle during a turn. In this case, you may experience some vibration and shake even at low speeds.

The damage to brake components may be enhanced by poor driving habits such a regular emergency braking or speeding from one light to the next one, the overuse of the brake pads, and buying low-quality braking components. However small, do not ignore any vibration.

As soon as you believe you need brake repair, bring your vehicle into our trusted auto repair shop for assistance!