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Columbus Check Engine Light

When your vehicle’s check engine light suddenly appears on your dashboard, we understand that feeling of worry and dread. A check engine light warning isn’t always a cause for major concern, but always means that there has been a malfunction, and normally something in your vehicle needs to be repaired. At Luke’s Auto Service in Columbus, OH, our ASE certified technicians are experienced and trained to work on check engine light issues on all makes and models of vehicles. We recommend bringing your vehicle to our experts as soon as you can once your check engine light has turned on.

A check engine light can be triggered by many different reasons. Your vehicle is built with a highly intelligent computer system that is connected to sensors all throughout your vehicle’s vital components. When something breaks or isn’t working properly in your vehicle, the sensors send a signal to your vehicle’s computer indicating a problem. This is when your check engine light will appear. It is important to have computer diagnostics run on your vehicle as soon as possible once your check engine light comes on, just in case the issue is a major problem that needs to be repaired immediately. Delaying a visit to our auto repair shop once your check engine light comes on can lead to a much larger, more expensive repair over time.

Our Columbus auto repair shop has the latest, state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment to determine exactly what triggered your check engine light to turn on. After our full diagnostic scan, we will provide you with our recommendations and which services need to be completed to restore your vehicle back to top working condition.

Our expert mechanics will:

  • Diagnose the cause of your check engine light
  • Recommended repairs/services to fix the issue
  • Provide knowledge on preventative maintenance
  • Reset your check engine light

At Luke’s Auto Service in Columbus, OH, we are proud to provide honest, quality auto repair at fair prices. We are an eco-friendly auto repair business that not only cares about our environment, but also our community. We donate 20% of our profits to charities supporting our community. Our auto repair shop offers an unmatched 5 year/50k miles warranty on most of our repairs. We also offer a comfortable waiting room with free water, coffee, and Wi-Fi for your convenience. If your vehicle needs a major repair, we offer free loaner cars and a free shuttle when available.

If your vehicle’s check engine light has turned on, bring your vehicle into Luke’s Auto Service in Columbus. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!