Coolant System Repair in Columbus, OH

At Luke’s Auto Service in Columbus, OH, our ASE certified technicians are available to assist when you find yourself dealing with a cooling system issue. At our local auto repair shop, we work on all makes and models of vehicles and are well equipped to assist whether you need coolant services, a cooling system repair, radiator repair, and more.

The cooling system in your vehicle is what keeps the engine from overheating while driving. An issue with the cooling system ultimately causes the engine to overheat and can severely damage engine components. If your vehicle’s cooling system isn’t working properly, it is important to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible. At Luke’s Auto Service, we have the equipment and knowledge to pinpoint your issue and ensure that the problem is resolved correctly.

A cooling system issue is usually avoided with a proper inspection of the system at least once a year. During an inspection, our experts will visually inspect all components of your cooling system, including the coolant to ensure that it is clean and at the proper fill level. If necessary, we may recommend a coolant fluid service to replace the old fluid, flush out the cooling system, and replace it with fresh coolant. A coolant service will guarantee that your vehicle’s temperature stays regulated and will help you avoid costly engine repairs over time.

Coolant leaks are a common cause of failing cooling systems, which can stem from a number of things such as a blown head gasket or a leak from the radiator. If your vehicle overheats or you notice a visible leak that is either green or orange in color coming from underneath your vehicle, visit our Columbus cooling system repair shop as soon as possible. Our technicians will perform a cooling system pressure test which will help simulate the engine getting hot and allow us to determine where the leak is.

When you need a coolant flush in Columbus OH, bring your vehicle into the friendly choice here at Luke’s Auto Service or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today!